Scented Incense
Scented Incense
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Scented Incense

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Our scented incense sticks are made from charcoal which gives a cleaner burn and less smoke than wooden sticks. Our Charcoal incense also brings out the delicate fragrance from our signature scents.  Available in all signature scents. 

  • Made from Charcoal
  • 11 inch sticks with 8 inches of charcoal burning
  • 10 sticks per pack

    Amber Night (Amber + Sandalwood + Cedar)

    Apple Crumble (Apple + Citrus + Spice).

    Beach Bum (Sea Salt + Lily of the Valley)

    Butterscotch (Vanilla + Butter + Cinnamon)

    Citrus Blast (Grapefruit + Mandarin + Orange)

    Coco Bliss (Coconut + Bamboo Leaves)

    Eden (Hibiscus + Gardenia + Plumeria)

    Fresh Laundry (Lavender + Powder + Lemon)

    Jamaican Vacay (Tropical Fruits + Rum)

    Jasmine (Jasmine + Honeysuckle + Amyris)

    Night Out (Red wine + Berries + Citrus)

    Oceanside (Oakmoss + Ozone)

    Pumpkin Soufflé (Pumpkin + Allspice)

    Solomon's Mancave (Sandalwood + Teakwood + Tobacco)

    Xerxes' harem (White Tea + Amber + Lavender)