About us

As a mom of three awesome boys, it is very important to me that they are always in good health.  So when my middle son started having chronic coughs at the age of three, I panicked!  I was convinced he had Asthma.  After several months consulting with several ENT specialists, we were told he didn't have Asthma and sent home.  A few days later, I went to do my regular monthly grocery shopping and picked up some scented plug in refills.  That night the dreaded cough started again but this time I realized what it was.  The scented plugins!!!  We finally found the culprit.  In the next few months afterwards, I was on a quest to find the right product to make my home smell the way I liked while being safe for my kids, but to no avail.  Needless to say, I ended up creating my own products, hence Naturel Home Scents was born!