Benefits of Lavender

Lavender, that beautiful violet colored plant with the sweet floral scent, has become one of the most popular ingredients for home scenting and cleaning products.  Its origin is believed to be the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India dating as far back as 2,500 years.  No doubt, this floral treasure has a way of tantalizing our nostrils, but could it also have benefits that far outweigh its sweet smell?  Here are some additional medicinal/therapeutic benefits I found:

Say Bye to Insomnia
A study published in March 2017 in the British Association of critical nurses found lavender to be effective at improving sleep quality in ICU patients who found it difficult to sleep

Pain where?
Some studies show lavender can help to reduce headaches and pain.  One study even showed that women who smelled lavender for half an hour on the first few days of their menstrual cycle had less pain after two months

Virus Blaster
Lavender has been shown to have antiviral properties and was used to clean hospitals and heal wounds way before we had access to the sophisticated products we have today.

Ways to use Lavender
Try using lavender essential oil in a room spray, potpourri, a clean candle or melt made with lavender before bedtime.  Our scents containing lavender are Fresh Laundry and Xerxes’ harem.                 
* Remember not to ingest essential oils or leave candles unattended*
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